Yvonne Lindqvist

List of John Benjamins publications for which Yvonne Lindqvist plays a role.


Lindqvist, Yvonne 2023 Chapter 8. Maryse Condé and the Alternative Nobel Prize of 2018Translation Flows: Exploring networks of people, processes and products, Feinauer, Ilse, Amanda Marais and Marius Swart (eds.), pp. 149–162 | Chapter
Inspired by the methodological framework of histoire croisée , this paper examines the bibliomigrancy of the French Caribbean author Maryse Condé. To this end, four major causal series of events leading up to her nomination and selection for the 2018 Alternative Nobel Prize in… read more
Lindqvist, Yvonne 2021 Chapter 7. Institutional consecration of fifteen Swedish translators – ‘star translators’ or not? Literary Translator Studies, Kaindl, Klaus, Waltraud Kolb and Daniela Schlager (eds.), pp. 137–154 | Chapter
The paper examines the “crime fiction boom” and the cultural spaces from which translated crime fiction originates within the Swedish cultural system. This introduction contextualizes the Swedish translation through comparison with the English and French translations of the Spanish crime novel La… read more