Charlene Polio

List of John Benjamins publications for which Charlene Polio plays a role.


Polio, Charlene 2023 AfterwordResearch Methods in the Study of L2 Writing Processes, Manchón, Rosa M. and Julio Roca de Larios (eds.), pp. 364–381 | Chapter
In this afterword, I summarize the strengths and challenges of different research methods used to study second language writing processes with reference to the various chapters in the volume. This is followed by a discussion of considerations researchers have to make when choosing a method. Next,… read more
Poole, Frederick J. and Charlene Polio 2023 From sci-fi to the classroom: Implications of AI in task-based writingTASK 3:2, pp. 243–272 | Article
With the release of ChatGPT, the use of AI in language teaching has become an issue that we cannot ignore. In this commentary, we argue that AI tools, including ChatGPT, are now among the digital resources available to students and teachers. We therefore need to be aware of the challenges and… read more
Leow, Ronald P., Rosa M. Manchón and Charlene Polio 2022 Chapter 13. Writing: Researching L2 writing as a site for learning in instructed settingsInstructed Second Language Acquisition Research Methods, Gurzynski-Weiss, Laura and YouJin Kim (eds.), pp. 305–328 | Chapter
This chapter first provides a brief overview of the current state of L2 writing research conducted in or relevant for L2 learning programs in three areas: (1) L2 learning processes and outcomes associated with instructional interventions via the manipulation of tasks; (2) L2 learning processes… read more
Although the act of writing should, theoretically, facilitate grammatical development for second language learners even more so than speaking, most of the empirical research only indirectly supports this view, and some research even contradicts it. In this chapter, I first discuss theoretical… read more
Previous research has shown that preservice instructors focus less on language while completing dyadic language learning tasks (Polio, Gass, & Chapin, 2006) and give less feedback than experienced instructors in a classroom setting (Mackey, Polio, & McDonough, 2004). Although most language… read more
Gass, Susan M. and Charlene Polio 2014 Chapter 7. Methodological influences of “Interlanguage” (1972): Data then and data nowInterlanguage: Forty years later, Han, ZhaoHong and Elaine Tarone (eds.), pp. 147–172 | Chapter
This chapter examines the impact of Selinker’s claim that certain data were inappropriate for SLA research: grammaticality judgments and nonsense syllables. The field has gradually come to understand SLA through multiple data types, so that the current view is that data are not appropriate or… read more