Gale Goodwin Gómez

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Gómez, Gale Goodwin 2018 Chapter 9. Nonverbal predication in Ninam (northern Brazil)Nonverbal Predication in Amazonian Languages, Overall, Simon E., Rosa Vallejos and Spike Gildea (eds.), pp. 245–260 | Chapter
Although complex verbal morphology characterizes the languages in the Yanomami family, nonverbal predication is used when no verb or only a copula is present. Nonverbal predicates are distinguished from nonverbal clauses, which do not include a copula. The nonverbal predicates in Ninam fulfill the… read more
Among the Yanomae-speakers of Brazilian Amazonia the close relationship between language, culture and the environment is revealed in the use of metaphor, metonymy, and euphemism in a wide range of words and phrases. For example, euphemistic metonymy demonstrates how not speaking of the dead can… read more