Carlos Piera

List of John Benjamins publications for which Carlos Piera plays a role.


Piera, Carlos 2009 Rephrasing line-end restrictionsTowards a Typology of Poetic Forms: From language to metrics and beyond, Aroui, Jean-Louis and Andy Arleo (eds.), pp. 287–304 | Article
Standard approaches to Romance metrics implicitly accept that there is a split between syllable-counting metrical systems, as exemplified by French, and systems crucially dependent on stress properties, as in Italian, Spanish and elsewhere. In the latter systems, however, simple meters are not… read more
Piera, Carlos 2001 Intonational factors in metricsLinguistic Approaches to Poetry, Michaux, Christine and Marc Dominicy (eds.), pp. 205–228 | Article
Current theories of meter tend to rely exclusively on stress-based properties. This paper argues that certain phenomena in Spanish metrics — some well-known, some neglected — should be accounted for in terms of intonational primitives. Any standard stress-based metrical pattern will be compatible… read more