Linda Evenstad Emilsen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Linda Evenstad Emilsen plays a role.


Emilsen, Linda Evenstad 2019 Chapter 8. Acquisition of nominal morphology in Norwegian L2: Trends and tendenciesTeachability and Learnability across Languages, Arntzen, Ragnar, Gisela Håkansson, Arnstein Hjelde and Jörg-U. Keßler (eds.), pp. 163–181
The main objective of this paper is to examine certain trends and tendencies in the acquisition of nominal morphology in the spontaneous speech of three L1 Kurdish-speaking children acquiring Norwegian as an L2. This paper reports on variations in the children’s use of articles and suffixes at… read more | Chapter
Hjelde, Arnstein, Bjørn Harald Kvifte, Linda Evenstad Emilsen and Ragnar Arntzen 2019 Chapter 8. Processability Theory as a tool in the study of a heritage speaker of NorwegianWidening Contexts for Processability Theory: Theories and issues, Lenzing, Anke, Howard Nicholas and Jana Roos (eds.), pp. 185–206
In this article, we employ aspects of Processability Theory (PT) to study the language of one fourth generation heritage speaker of Norwegian in America. This man, who we refer to as Lars, was almost 50 years old when we first met and recorded him in 2010, and to our knowledge he is among the… read more | Chapter