Robert A. Troyer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robert A. Troyer plays a role.


Szabó, Tamás Péter and Robert A. Troyer 2017 Inclusive ethnographies: Beyond the binaries of observer and observed in linguistic landscape studiesMethodology in Linguistic Landscape Research, Blackwood, Robert (ed.), pp. 306–326 | Article
In ethnographically oriented linguistic landscape studies, social spaces are studied in co-operation with research participants, many times through mobile encounters such as walking. Talking, walking, photographing and video recording as well as writing the fieldwork diary are activities that… read more
Troyer, Robert A. and Tamás Péter Szabó 2017 Representation and videography in linguistic landscape studiesLinguistic Landscape 3:1, pp. 56–77 | Article
Much Linguistic Landscape scholarship relies on visual data collection, primarily the use of still photography; however, the field has yet to address the theoretical underpinning of such visual and spatial representation. Furthermore, digital video is currently as easy to capture and share as… read more