Hanyong Park

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hanyong Park plays a role.


We investigate the production and perception of Arabic consonant clusters in word-initial and word-final positions, from two dialects, Southern Iraqi and Najdi, which differ in their phonological constraints in allowing consonant clusters. An AX discrimination task and a reading task were… read more
This study examines the interplay between a number of factors that affect speech rate perception. Three factors were investigated: pause type/length (short, long, and non-silent), actual speech rate (accelerated vs. decelerated), and utterance type (native Arabic, accented Arabic, and unfamiliar… read more
The current study attempts to establish perceptual category mapping between Arabic and English consonants in the minds of native speakers of American English who have no experience or exposure to Arabic. American listeners participated in an identification task and goodness-of-fit rating task to… read more
The current study investigates the production and perception of Arabic short and long vowels by two groups of adult L1-English/L2-Arabic learners who differ in their length of exposure to Arabic. An ABX discrimination task and a production task, followed by a native judgment task, were conducted to… read more