Ron Kuzar

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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Germanic linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


In this article we discuss the discourse functions of the alternative linearizations of Spoken Hebrew sentences, as reflected in the possessive sentence pattern. We begin by presenting the available variants of possessive sentences in Hebrew. Next, we address the issue of markedness in our… read more
The two Palestinian uprisings have brought about an ideological shift in Israel’s view of the solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The time has ripened for an open debate about ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Occupied Territories. The debate has limited discursive… read more
Netz, Hadar and Ron Kuzar 2009 The effect of marked topic on memory in Hebrew and EnglishLanguages in Contrast 9:2, pp. 267–283 | Article
This study examines and compares the effect of marked sentence structure on cognition and memory in English and Hebrew. It has been shown elsewhere that marked topic constructions in English have a significant effect on memory. Now, since Hebrew, like English, is an SV(O) (Subject-Verb-Object)… read more
Kidron, Yael and Ron Kuzar 2002 My face is paling against my will: Emotion and control in English and HebrewThe Body in Description of Emotion: Cross-linguistic studies, Enfield, N.J. and Anna Wierzbicka (eds.), pp. 129–157 | Article
Various syntactical forms may be used for presenting an emotional event. The choice of a grammatical form may be related to cultural, social and personal attitudes towards the nature of emotions. One of the cases in which the consistency of choices is evident is the description of bodily changes… read more