Nivja de Jong

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nivja de Jong plays a role.



Studies of motivation in bilingual education settings often address questions of differences between learners in bilingual programmes and those in mainstream education. Problematic in this respect is our increasing awareness of the inherent differences between these two learner groups, as… read more
van Batenburg, Eline, Ron Oostdam, Amos van Gelderen, Ruben Fukkink and Nivja de Jong 2020 The effects of instructional focus and task type on pre-vocational learners’ ability in EFL oral interactionITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 171:2, pp. 153–190 | Article
Little is known about the effect of diverging pedagogies on the development of interactional oral skills in a foreign language. In a controlled study, we evaluated three newly developed instructional programmes that were situated in the same training context, but that differed in instructional… read more
González, Paz, Tim Diaubalick and Nivja de Jong 2019 Introduction: Current visions of TAML2Current Visions of TAML2: Tense, Aspect and Modality in Second Languages, González, Paz and Tim Diaubalick (eds.), pp. 1–4 | Editorial
Jong, Nivja de, Margarita P. Steinel, Arjen F. Florijn, Rob Schoonen and Jan H. Hulstijn 2012 The effect of task complexity on functional adequacy, fluency and lexical diversity in speaking performances of native and non-native speakersDimensions of L2 Performance and Proficiency: Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency in SLA, Housen, Alex, Folkert Kuiken and Ineke Vedder (eds.), pp. 121–142 | Article
This study investigated how task complexity affected native and non-native speakers’ speaking performance in terms of a measure of communicative success (functional adequacy), three types of fluency (breakdown fluency, speed fluency, and repair fluency), and lexical diversity. Participants (208… read more