Belén Labrador

List of John Benjamins publications for which Belén Labrador plays a role.


Drawing on a previous translation-based study on the manner and path of motion in English and Spanish (Labrador 2018), this paper examines a tier-1 word (Beck et al. 2002), the verb run, with the aim of illustrating how parallel corpora can assist in revealing the iceberg underneath the tip of… read more
This contrastive study aims to analyze and compare the usages of one type of sentence connectors, reinforcing additive connectors, in English and in Spanish through a corpus-based approach, which relies on bidirectional translation data. The analysis includes behavioral profiles of each of the… read more
The present paper reports on a translation-based teaching-oriented study of the expression of path and manner of motion (Talmy 1972) in English and Spanish. The aim is to explore contrastive differences by analysing translations, with special attention to crossed transposition (Molina and… read more
Ramón García, Noelia and Belén Labrador 2018 Selling cheese online: Key nouns in cheese descriptionsTerminology 24:2, pp. 210–235 | Article
This paper is a corpus-based study of certain key nouns used in promotional texts describing cheese in English. A corpus of online cheese descriptions was compiled to extract lexical information regarding the characterization of cheese. All in all, 37 key nouns were identified and classified… read more
Rabadán, Rosa, Belén Labrador and Noelia Ramón García 2009 Corpus-based contrastive analysis and ­translation universals: A tool for translation quality assessment English --> SpanishBabel 55:4, pp. 303–328 | Article
Project) developed at the University of León (Spain) for identifying instances of low-quality rendering of grammatical features when translating from English into Spanish using translation universals. The analysis provides information about: i) the resources available (or absence thereof) in each… read more
Ramón García, Noelia and Belén Labrador 2008 Translations of ‘-ly’ adverbs of degree in an English-Spanish Parallel CorpusTarget 20:2, pp. 275–296 | Article
This paper focuses on the translations of English -ly adverbs of degree into Spanish. The English suffix -ly has been traditionally associated with the expression of manner. However, it also actualises other meanings, in particular degree. In Spanish, the formal equivalents of -ly adverbs are… read more
The purpose of this paper is to present the findings of a corpus-based contrastive study on a semantic function — restriction — and their applicability to translation. A number of restrictive elements in the two languages involved, English and Spanish, have been selected as search words and their… read more
Quantification is a topic that has traditionally and contemporarily drawn the attention of numerous theoretical linguists, whose works are of great interest but slightly less useful-ness when it comes to applying their results to applied multilingual fields, such as FLT and translation. The aim of… read more