Christophe Pallier

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christophe Pallier plays a role.

Book series


Pallier, Christophe 2010 Chapter 16. Cerebral imaging and individual differences in language learningLanguage Acquisition across Linguistic and Cognitive Systems, Kail, Michèle and Maya Hickmann † (eds.), pp. 299–305 | Article
The majority of the brain imaging studies on bilingualism have focused on the question of the separation or overlap of the neural regions involved when a bilingual brain is working with one language or the other. Researchers have been especially interested in the roles of factors such as age of… read more
Pallier, Christophe 2007 Critical periods in language acquisition and language attritionLanguage Attrition: Theoretical perspectives, Köpke, Barbara, Monika S. Schmid, Merel Keijzer and Susan Dostert (eds.), pp. 155–168 | Article
This paper reviews some of the predictions and assumptions made by different versions of the Critical Period Hypothesis which assumes that language acquisition will in principle be more successful in younger subjects. Findings from investigations of early vs. delayed acquisition of both a first and… read more
Ventureyra, Valérie A.G. and Christophe Pallier 2004 In search of the lost language: The case of adopted Koreans in FranceFirst Language Attrition: Interdisciplinary perspectives on methodological issues, Schmid, Monika S., Barbara Köpke, Merel Keijzer and Lina Weilemar (eds.), pp. 207 ff. | Article