Fabrizio Arosio

List of John Benjamins publications for which Fabrizio Arosio plays a role.


Bosch, Jasmijn E., Mathilde Chailleux, Jia’en Yee, Maria Teresa Guasti and Fabrizio Arosio 2022 Chapter 10. Prediction on the basis of gender and number in Mandarin-Italian bilingual childrenThe Acquisition of Gender: Crosslinguistic perspectives, Ayoun, Dalila (ed.), pp. 243–272 | Chapter
The present study used a visual world eye-tracking paradigm to investigate online processing of grammatical gender and number in Mandarin-Italian bilingual children, in comparison to monolingual Italian children. We examined how children anticipated upcoming nouns on the basis of grammatical… read more
Guasti, Maria Teresa, Chiara Branchini, Mirta Vernice, Lina Barbieri and Fabrizio Arosio 2015 Language disorders in children with Developmental DyslexiaSpecific Language Impairment: Current trends in research, Stavrakaki, Stavroula (ed.), pp. 35–56 | Article
While language skills are generally not assessed in children with Developmental Dyslexia (DD), it is known that 50% of them manifests some of the symptoms that we find in children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI). This is confirmed in this study for Italian: 50% of the children with DD… read more