Aditi Lahiri

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aditi Lahiri plays a role.


Bowern, Claire, David Goldstein, George Walkden, Anne Breitbarth, Chelsea Sanker, Freek Van de Velde, Ranjan Sen and Aditi Lahiri 2023 Diachrony and Diachronica: 40@40Diachronica 40:5, pp. 666–682 | Editorial
Dresher, B. Elan and Aditi Lahiri 2022 Chapter 2. The foot in the history of English: Challenges to metrical coherenceEnglish Historical Linguistics: Change in structure and meaning, Los, Bettelou, Claire Cowie, Patrick Honeybone and Graeme Trousdale (eds.), pp. 41–60 | Chapter
Dresher & Lahiri (1991) propose that Old English displays ‘metrical coherence’: different phonological processes are sensitive to the same metrical structure. We consider how English has dealt with challenges to metrical coherence. We show that the resolved moraic trochee, assumed to… read more
Native speakers are often surprised by the way different languages adapt their words; the same phoneme may be borrowed into different languages in different ways. Even related languages need not adapt the same phoneme in an identical fashion. Evidence from a variety of languages suggests that… read more
Darby, Jeannique and Aditi Lahiri 2016 Covert morphological structure and the processing of zero-derived wordsLinguistic Perspectives on Morphological Processing, Clahsen, Harald, Vera Heyer and Jana Reifegerste (eds.), pp. 186–215 | Article
English makes use of a wide-spread pattern of word class alternation known as ‘zero-derivation.’ This involves pairs of homophonous forms which are semantically related, yet differ in part-of-speech (e.g. a knot vs. to knot). Many theories have been proposed to describe the relationship between… read more
In 1982, Anatoly Liberman spiced up the century-old debate of the development of word accents in North Germanic, by proposing that stød developed first, followed by tonogenesis in Norwegian and Swedish. Liberman, however, did not address the actual mechanisms of stød – or tonogenesis. The present… read more
Roberts, Adam Charles, Allison Wetterlin and Aditi Lahiri 2013 Aligning mispronounced words to meaning: Evidence from ERP and reaction time studiesNeural Correlates of Lexical Processing, pp. 140–163 | Article
Many models have been proposed to account for the role that the mental lexicon plays in the initial stages of speech perception. One fundamental disparity between these models is how speech is phonologically represented in the mental lexicon. Theories range from full specification and… read more
Scharinger, Mathias, Henning Reetz and Aditi Lahiri 2009 Levels of regularity in inflected word form processingThe Mental Lexicon 4:1, pp. 77–114 | Article
How do speakers process phonological opacities resulting from stem allomorphy in regularly inflected word forms? We advocate a model which holds that these stem allomorphs are derived from a single, abstract lexical representation and do not require multiple access routes. Consequently,… read more
Dresher, B. Elan and Aditi Lahiri 2005 Main Stress Left in Early Middle EnglishHistorical Linguistics 2003: Selected papers from the 16th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Copenhagen, 11–15 August 2003, Fortescue, Michael, Eva Skafte Jensen, Jens Erik Mogensen and Lene Schøsler (eds.), pp. 75–85 | Article