José Lambert

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Delabastita, Dirk, Sandra L. Halverson, José Lambert and Kirsten Malmkjær 2017 In Memoriam Gideon Toury (1942–2016)Target 29:1, pp. 1–6 | Obituary
Lambert, José 2012 Interdisciplinarity in Translation StudiesHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 3, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 81–88 | Article
D’hulst, Lieven, José Lambert and Kirsten Malmkjær 2009 Letter from the EditorsTarget 21:1, p.  | Editorial
Lambert, José 2009 Measuring canonization: A reply to Paola VenturiTarget 21:2, pp. 358–363 | Discussion
Hermans, Johan and José Lambert 1998 From Translation Markets to Language Management: The Implications of Translation Services1Target 10:1, pp. 113–132 | Article
The fact that the position of "business translation" within Translation Studies remains unclear is probably symptomatic of the discipline as a whole. In this article, business translation is approached from a new point of view; namely, that of social organization and management in business… read more
Gile, Daniel, José Lambert and Mary Snell-Hornby 1997 EST focus: report on research training issuesTranslation as Intercultural Communication: Selected papers from the EST Congress, Prague 1995, Snell-Hornby, Mary, Zuzana Jettmarová and Klaus Kaindl (eds.), pp. 339 ff. | Article
Lambert, José 1996 Literary Theory and the Dynamics of the Media Age: Static versus Dynamic ModelsThe Search for a New Alphabet: Literary studies in a changing world, Hendrix, Harald, Joost J. Kloek, Sophie Levie and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 129 ff. | Article
Lambert, José 1994 The cultural component reconsideredTranslation Studies: An Interdiscipline: Selected papers from the Translation Studies Congress, Vienna, 1992, Snell-Hornby, Mary, Franz Pöchhacker and Klaus Kaindl (eds.), pp. 17 ff. | Article
Lambert, José 1993 Anthologies et HistoriographieTarget 5:1, pp. 89–96 | Review article
Dans la seconde moitié du XXe siècle, les mass-media ont rendu si international le discours quotidien que la question des traductions y est devenue un problème-clef, pour la traduction en général comme pour la question de la communication. Non seulement les traductions sont-elles omniprésentes,… read more
Lambert, José 1989 Bibliographie: Traductions et CulturesTarget 1:1, pp. 117–121 | Review article