Torben Juel Jensen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Torben Juel Jensen plays a role.


Jensen, Torben Juel and Frans Gregersen 2016 What do(es) you mean? the pragmatics of generic second person pronouns in modern spoken DanishThe referential ambiguity of personal pronouns and its pragmatic consequences, De Cock, Barbara and Bettina Kluge (eds.), pp. 417–446 | Article
In modern Danish, the most frequently used pronoun for generic reference is man, developed from the noun man(d) ‘man’. Recently, though, the second person singular pronoun du has gained ground, in parallel to similar recent developments in other languages. A large-scale, longitudinal study of the… read more
Through mixed models analyses of complement clauses in a corpus of spoken Danish we examine the role of sentence adverbials in relation to a word order distinction in Scandinavian signalled by the relative position of sentence adverbials and finite verb (V>Adv vs. Adv>V). The type of sentence… read more