Gunnar Jacob

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Studia linguistica: Alexandro Vasilii Filio Issatschenko. A Collegis Amicisque Oblata

Edited by Henrik Birnbaum, Ľubomir Ďurovič, Gunnar Jacob, Nils Åke Nilsson et Anders Sjöberg

[Not in series - Grüner, 13] 1978. xxvi, 517 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Jacob, Gunnar, Moritz J. Schaeffer, Katharina Oster, Silvia Hansen-Schirra and Shanley E.M. Allen 2021 Towards a methodological toolset for the psycholinguistics of translation: The case of priming paradigmsDevelopments in Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies, Xiao, Kairong and Sandra L. Halverson (eds.), pp. 440–461 | Article
The manuscript provides readers with a basic methodological toolset for experimental psycholinguistic studies on translation. Following a description of key methodological concepts and the rationale behind experimental designs in psycholinguistics, we discuss experimental paradigms adopted from… read more
Jacob, Gunnar and Bilal Kırkıcı 2016 The processing of morphologically complex words in a specific speaker group: A masked-priming study with Turkish heritage speakersLinguistic Perspectives on Morphological Processing, Clahsen, Harald, Vera Heyer and Jana Reifegerste (eds.), pp. 308–328 | Article
The present study investigates to what extent morphological priming varies across different groups of native speakers of a language. In two masked-priming experiments, we investigate the processing of morphologically complex Turkish words in Turkish heritage speakers raised and living in Germany.… read more