Sarah Bernolet

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Muylle, Merel, Robert J. Hartsuiker and Sarah Bernolet 2023 Chapter 11. Cross-language influences in L2 syntactic processing and production in late L2 learnersCross-language Influences in Bilingual Processing and Second Language Acquisition, Elgort, Irina, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia and Marc Brysbaert (eds.), pp. 262–293 | Chapter
Is syntactic processing in a second language (L2) influenced by the first language? This chapter reviews studies that address this issue, with an emphasis on work testing cross-linguistic structural priming. Such priming may indicate that the speaker has shared or connected syntactic… read more
Bernolet, Sarah and Robert J. Hartsuiker 2018 Chapter 10. Syntactic representations in late learners of a second language: A learning trajectoryBilingual Cognition and Language: The state of the science across its subfields, Miller, David, Fatih Bayram, Jason Rothman and Ludovica Serratrice (eds.), pp. 205–224 | Chapter
Several studies have shown that syntactic structures can be primed between the different languages of a bilingual. Bilingual production models put forward by Hartsuiker, Pickering, and Veltkamp (2004) and Pickering and Hartsuiker (2008) therefore assume that bilinguals share syntactic structures… read more
Bernolet, Sarah and Timothy Colleman 2016 Sense-based and lexeme-based alternation biases in the Dutch dative alternationCorpus-based Approaches to Construction Grammar, Yoon, Jiyoung and Stefan Th. Gries (eds.), pp. 165–198 | Article
In semantic studies of argument structure alternations as well as in psycholinguistic studies on syntactic priming, lexical alternation biases are typically measured at the level of the verb lexeme. This study explores the hypothesis that the proper locus of subcategorization probabilities is the… read more