Joel Olofsson

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Grammaticalization meets Construction Grammar

Edited by Evie Coussé, Peter Andersson and Joel Olofsson

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 21] 2018. vi, 315 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Olofsson, Joel and Julia Prentice 2023 Chapter 7. The entrenchment of semi-schematic time constructions by German foreign language learners of SwedishConstructional Approaches to Nordic Languages, Coussé, Evie, Steffen Höder, Benjamin Lyngfelt and Julia Prentice (eds.), pp. 179–211 | Chapter
This chapter investigates the entrenchment of semi-schematic time constructions by a group of foreign language learners of Swedish. Results from a phrasal decision experiment with 30 German speaking learners of Swedish show that the learners of Swedish process these constructions significantly… read more
This paper discusses co-events denoted by verbs used in Swedish motion events. The motion events are analyzed as constructions in the sense of construction grammar, in which the motion component can be argued to be evoked by a syntactic construction rather than by the verb per se. The manner… read more
Coussé, Evie, Peter Andersson and Joel Olofsson 2018 Grammaticalization meets Construction Grammar: Opportunities, challenges and potential incompatibilitiesGrammaticalization meets Construction Grammar, Coussé, Evie, Peter Andersson and Joel Olofsson (eds.), pp. 3–19 | Chapter
Forsberg, Markus, Richard Johansson, Linnéa Bäckström, Lars Borin, Benjamin Lyngfelt, Joel Olofsson and Julia Prentice 2014 From construction candidates to constructicon entries: An experiment using semi-automatic methods for identifying constructions in corporaFrames, constructions, and computation, Borin, Lars, Gerard de Melo, Karin Friberg Heppin and Tiago Timponi Torrent (eds.), pp. 114–135 | Article
We present an experiment where natural language processing tools are used to automatically identify potential constructions in a corpus. The experiment was conducted as part of the ongoing efforts to develop a Swedish constructicon. Using an automatic method to suggest constructions has advantages… read more