Tyler M. Heston

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tyler M. Heston plays a role.


Grama, James, Tyler M. Heston and Melody Ann Ross 2023 Variation in the Fataluku voiced coronal (j)Asia-Pacific Language Variation 9:2, pp. 125–155 | Article
This paper represents the first variationist investigation of the voiced coronal phone (j) in Fataluku, a Papuan language of Timor-Leste. Here, we implement the Boruta algorithm at the front end of our analysis pipeline to quantify predictor importance, then use classification trees and… read more
Word prosody and sentence-level intonation undergo complex interactions through time. In this study, I focus on the effects of intonation on the development of word prosody in two closely related Papuan languages, Makalero and Fataluku. Though both are very similar segmentally, Makalero’s… read more