Rivka Halevy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rivka Halevy plays a role.


The study explores a range of transitive constructions of varying prototypicality in Modern Hebrew (MH) referring to causal and non-causal events, including complex predicates, semi-transitive and lexicalized constructions, with transitivity analyzed as a morpho-syntactic category rather than a… read more
The domain of impersonal constructions is highly complex and heterogeneous in Hebrew as in other languages. It includes sentences that lack an overt constituent bearing the properties of a referential and identifiable subject or that are altogether lacking in canonical subject properties. The aim… read more
This article sheds new light on the puzzling phrase structure of complex adjectival phrases which are common in Semitic, specifically in Hebrew, and which are equivalent to Indo-European phrases such as ‘swift of foot.’ The article draws a clear distinction between these constructions and… read more
Halevy, Rivka 2016 Non-canonical ‘existential-like‘ constructions in colloquial Modern HebrewAtypical predicate-argument relations, Ruchot, Thierry and Pascale Van Praet (eds.), pp. 27–60 | Article
The paper deals with the non-typical structure and coding properties of ‘existential-like’ constructions in Colloquial Modern Hebrew (CMH), with reference to parallels in some major Indo-European languages. The construction explored consists of an invariable (neuter) predicate incorporating an… read more