Adriano Ferraresi

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Converging paradigms in contrastive and translation studies: Crosslinguistic corpus perspectives

Edited by Silvia Bernardini and Adriano Ferraresi

Special issue of Languages in Contrast 23:2 (2023) v, 155 pp.
Subjects Comparative linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


In this study we explore the common ground between second-language writing and translated language as instances of constrained language use. Our research design involves three languages (English, Finnish, Italian), two constraining languages and two different registers in each of the three… read more
Kajzer-Wietrzny, Marta, Ilmari Ivaska and Adriano Ferraresi 2024 Fluency in rendering numbers in simultaneous interpretingInterpreting 26:1, pp. 1–23 | Article
There is general consensus among interpreting practitioners and scholars that numbers pose particular problems in simultaneous interpreting. Adopting the view that fluency disruptions in interpreters’ renditions are signals of cognitive processing problems, the authors aim to isolate those… read more
Ferraresi, Adriano and Silvia Bernardini 2023 Straddling the divide between contrastive and translation studies: Introduction to the special issueConverging paradigms in contrastive and translation studies: Crosslinguistic corpus perspectives, Bernardini, Silvia and Adriano Ferraresi (eds.), pp. 121–132 | Introduction
Ferraresi, Adriano and Silvia Bernardini 2023 Comparing collocations in translated and learner language: In search of a methodLearner translation corpus research, Granger, Sylviane and Marie-Aude Lefer (eds.), pp. 126–154 | Article
This paper compares use of collocations by Italian learners writing in and translating into English, conceptualising the two tasks as different modes of constrained language production and adopting Halverson’s (2017) revised Gravitational Pull Hypothesis as a theoretical model. A particular… read more
Ferraresi, Adriano and Silvia Bernardini 2019 Building EPTIC: A many-sided, multi-purpose corpus of EU parliament proceedingsParallel Corpora for Contrastive and Translation Studies: New resources and applications, Doval, Irene and M. Teresa Sánchez Nieto (eds.), pp. 123–139 | Chapter
This chapter describes the steps involved in the construction of EPTIC, an intermodal corpus of European Parliament speeches. Despite its limited size, this corpus has features that justify its labour-intensive building process, in particular its multiple alignments. The text-to-text alignments… read more
Bernardini, Silvia, Adriano Ferraresi and Maja Miličević 2016 From EPIC to EPTIC — Exploring simplification in interpreting and translation from an intermodal perspectiveTarget 28:1, pp. 61–86 | Article
This article introduces EPTIC (the European Parliament Translation and Interpreting Corpus), a new bidirectional (English<>Italian) corpus of interpreted and translated EU Parliament proceedings. Built as an extension of the English<>Italian subsection of EPIC (the European Parliament… read more