Jenneke van der Wal

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jenneke van der Wal plays a role.



Kujath, Elizabeth and Jenneke van der Wal 2023 Copular constructions in Makhuwa‑EnaharaLinguistics in the Netherlands 2023, Leufkens, Sterre and Marco Bril (eds.), pp. 155–177 | Article
This paper describes the possible predication strategies in Makhuwa-Enahara and under what circumstances each occurs. Makhuwa-Enahara (Bantu P31E) has three main copular constructions: Predicative Lowering, the invariant copulas ti (affirmative) and kahi (negative), and the verbal copulas ori… read more
Fuchs, Zuzanna and Jenneke van der Wal 2022 The locus of parametric variation in Bantu gender and nominal derivationLinguistic Variation 22:2, pp. 268–324 | Article
In this paper, we capture the crosslinguistic variation in Bantu nominal structure in a unified analysis of gender on n (Kramer 2014, 2015). We demonstrate that this analysis accounts for the morphosyntactic properties of basic nouns as well as locative and diminutive derivations. Moreover, it… read more
Kruijsdijk, Iris, Nina van der Vlugt and Jenneke van der Wal 2022 The insubordinated infinitive in Makhuwa-Enahara and the expression of feelingsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2022, Vogels, Jorrig and Sterre Leufkens (eds.), pp. 122–142 | Article
This study sets out to investigate the insubordinated infinitive in the Bantu language Makhuwa-Enahara (P31, northern Mozambique), which is used with feeling predicates that have passive experiencers. The expression of bodily feelings and emotions in Makhuwa serves as a foundation, highlighting… read more
Wal, Jenneke van der 2016 Diagnosing focusStudies in Language 40:2, pp. 259–301 | Article
Many tests have been used in eliciting focus constructions and determining what type of focus a certain linguistic strategy expresses. This paper provides an overview of the various diagnostics for focus, indicating how they show the size of the focused constituent and what semantic-pragmatic type… read more
Marten, Lutz and Jenneke van der Wal 2014 A typology of Bantu subject inversionLinguistic Variation 14:2, pp. 318–368 | Article
This study charts variation in subject inversion constructions in Bantu languages. It distinguishes between seven types of inversion constructions: formal locative inversion, semantic locative inversion, instrument inversion, patient inversion, (clausal) complement inversion, default agreement… read more
Wal, Jenneke van der 2014 Subordinate clauses and exclusive focus in MakhuwaInformation Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences, Gijn, Rik van, Jeremy Hammond, Dejan Matić, Saskia van Putten and Ana Vilacy Galucio (eds.), pp. 45–70 | Article
In Makhuwa the element immediately after the conjoint verb form is interpreted as exclusive focus (Van der Wal 2011). This paper shows that the relation between the conjoint verb form and focus in Immediate After Verb (IAV) position holds not only for nouns and simple adverbs, but also for… read more
This study contributes to the research on the development of pragmatic particles from the perspective of the Bantu language Makhuwa. Makhuwa shows synchronic variation in the use of va and vo, which function as locative demonstratives, va (proximal) and vo (medial), but also as pragmatic particles… read more
Devos, Maud and Jenneke van der Wal 2010 ‘Go’ on a rare grammaticalisation path to focusLinguistics in the Netherlands 2010, Kampen, Jacqueline van and Rick Nouwen (eds.), pp. 45–58 | Article
Both Bantu and Romance languages use a V(erb) S(ubject) construction to express thetic (“out-of-the-blue”) sentences. Two types of languages can be distinguished within these language families, with respect to the verbal agreement in a thetic VS sentence: in type 1 the verb has default agreement,… read more
Wal, Jenneke van der 2006 Predicative tone lowering in MakhuwaLinguistics in the Netherlands 2006, Weijer, Jeroen van de and Bettelou Los (eds.), pp. 224–236 | Article