Marjorie McShane

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Mental Model Ascription by Intelligent Agents

Edited by Marjorie McShane

Special issue of Interaction Studies 15:3 (2014) xi, 120 pp.
Subjects Artificial Intelligence | Cognition and language | Evolution of language | Interaction Studies


This paper extends the computationally-oriented theory of ellipsis presented in McShane’s A Theory of Ellipsis (2005) by introducing the feature typical event sequence. It is argued that, in Russian, the presence of a typical sequence of events in a pair of clauses can be the key feature… read more
McShane, Marjorie, Sergei Nirenburg and Stephen Beale 2015 The Ontological Semantic treatment of multiword expressionsLingvisticæ Investigationes 38:1, pp. 73–110 | Article
This paper describes, and presents a formal evaluation of, the Ontological Semantic approach to automatically analyzing multiword expressions. It shows how multiword expressions can be lexically recorded and processed in the same way as compositional argument-taking words. It suggests that the… read more
McShane, Marjorie 2014 Parameterizing mental model ascription across intelligent agentsMental Model Ascription by Intelligent Agents, McShane, Marjorie (ed.), pp. 404–425 | Article
Mental model ascription – also called mindreading – is the process of inferring the mental states of others, which happens as a matter of course in social interactions. But although ubiquitous, mindreading is presumably a highly variable process: people mindread to different extents and with… read more
McShane, Marjorie 2014 Introduction to Special Issue: Mental model ascription by intelligent agentsMental Model Ascription by Intelligent Agents, McShane, Marjorie (ed.), pp. vii–xii | Article