Maria Vender

List of John Benjamins publications for which Maria Vender plays a role.


Research on morphological awareness in bilingual children has generated conflicting evidence, with studies reporting bilingual gains and others finding poorer performance relative to monolinguals. In this study, we explored further this issue by testing 54 school-aged children speaking Italian… read more
Delfitto, Denis, Chiara Melloni and Maria Vender 2019 The (en)rich(ed) meaning of expletive negationEvolutionary Linguistic Theory 1:1, pp. 57–89 | Article
This contribution addresses the issue of one of the instances of non-standard negation, the so-called expletive negation (EN). Though it discusses data from a variety of languages, it mainly concentrates on Italian, proposing that the behavior of EN in comparative, exclamative and temporal… read more
Hu, Shenai, Maria Vender, Gaetano Fiorin and Denis Delfitto 2018 The comprehension of Italian negation in Mandarin-Italian sequential bilingual childrenOn the Acquisition of the Syntax of Romance, Gavarró, Anna (ed.), pp. 169–184 | Chapter
This study investigates how sequential bilingual Mandarin-speaking children who had more than three years of exposure to Italian comprehended Italian negative sentences in comparison with affirmative ones. Sixteen bilingual children and 16 Italian monolingual peers were tested using a truth-value… read more