Winfred P. Lehmann

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Language Typology 1988: Typological Models in the Service of Reconstruction

Edited by Winfred P. Lehmann and Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 81] 1991. vi, 182 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics | Typology
Subjects Historical linguistics | Typology


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SUMMARY The author argues that Indo-Europeanists must now set out to produce a history of the language to upgrade the 'purely systematic form' of Brug-mann's Grundriss (1897: xi) and Meillet's 'correspondences that are the sole reality for the comparatist to study' ( 1937[ 1922]:viii). Residues… read more
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Avenues of the impact of Sir William Jones’s Discourses, especially his Third, on the continent are of great interest, in view of the development of Indo-European historical linguistics there rather than in England. Translations may account for that impact, such as those carried out by Johann… read more
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