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Divergence-time estimation is one of the most important endeavors in historical linguistics. Its importance is matched only by its difficulty. As Bayesian methods of divergence-time estimation have become more common over the past two decades, a number of critical issues have come to the fore,… read more
Bowern, Claire, David Goldstein, George Walkden, Anne Breitbarth, Chelsea Sanker, Freek Van de Velde, Ranjan Sen and Aditi Lahiri 2023 Diachrony and Diachronica: 40@40Diachronica 40:5, pp. 666–682 | Editorial
Grammaticalization is characterized by robust directional asymmetries (e.g., Kuteva et al. 2019). For instance, body-part nominals develop into spatial adpositions, minimizers develop into negation markers and subject pronouns become agreement markers. Changes in the opposite direction are… read more