Maarten Lemmens

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Subjects Cognition and language | English linguistics | Functional linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Semantics


Vallery, Robin and Maarten Lemmens 2021 The sound of taboo: Exploring a sound-meaning association in swear words of English and FrenchSex, Death & Politics: Taboos in Language, Keller, Melanie, Philipp Striedl, Daniel Biro, Johanna Holzer and Benjamin Weber (eds.), pp. 87–137 | Article
Swear words of English and French, both real and fictional ones, significantly tend to contain the least sonorous consonants, compared to the rest of the lexicon. What can explain the overrepresentation of such sounds among swear words? This might be a case of sound symbolism, when sounds are… read more
Lesuisse, Mégane and Maarten Lemmens 2018 Grammaticalisation cut short: A diachronic constructional view on English posture verbsGrammaticalization meets Construction Grammar, Coussé, Evie, Peter Andersson and Joel Olofsson (eds.), pp. 43–73 | Chapter
This article provides a corpus-based diachronic constructional analysis of the three English cardinal posture verbs (hence CPVs) sit, stand and lie. Contrary to their equivalents in genetically related languages, the English CPVs have not grammaticalised into locative, progressive, or habitual… read more
Sahoo, Kalyanamalini and Maarten Lemmens 2017 Degrees of mirativityThe Linguistic Expression of Mirativity, Celle, Agnès and Anastasios Tsangalidis (eds.), pp. 343–384 | Article
This paper studies degrees of mirativity as grammaticalised in the Indo-Aryan language Odia by four light verb constructions, asymmetric complex predicates combining a lexical verb with a (partially) bleached light verb. As such, these light verb constructions can be considered non-parasitic… read more
Lemmens, Maarten 2002 6. The semantic network of Dutch posture verbsThe Linguistics of Sitting, Standing and Lying, Newman, John (ed.), pp. 103–139 | Chapter