Josep Marco

List of John Benjamins publications for which Josep Marco plays a role.



Marco, Josep and Gemma Peña Martínez 2023 The Gravitational Pull Hypothesis and imperfective/perfective aspect in Catalan translationConverging paradigms in contrastive and translation studies: Crosslinguistic corpus perspectives, Bernardini, Silvia and Adriano Ferraresi (eds.), pp. 226–251 | Article
This article aims to test the Gravitational Pull Hypothesis on the imperfective/perfective aspect distinction in the language pairs English-Catalan and French-Catalan. It draws on the corresponding corpora in COVALT. The GPH posits three cognitive causes of translational effects: source or… read more
This study aims to test out the Gravitational Pull Hypothesis (GPH) on Light Verb Constructions (LVCs) conveying emotional states and dynamic events in a number of language combinations, with English and French as source and Catalan and Spanish as target languages. It draws on the corresponding… read more
Parallel corpora can be used in translation research in at least two ways: as the main source of data or as a supplement to data retrieved from a comparable corpus, enabling data triangulation. In the former scenario, they may throw light on contrastive aspects or on translator techniques and… read more
This study aims to answer three questions: (1) whether there are differences in the frequency of use of connectives between translated and non-translated Catalan literary texts; (2) whether these differences (if they exist) are sensitive to the type of semantic relation conveyed; and (3) to what… read more
Marco, Josep and Heike van Lawick 2015 Enhancing translator trainees’ awareness of source text interference through use of comparable corporaMultiple Affordances of Language Corpora for Data-driven Learning, Leńko-Szymańska, Agnieszka and Alex Boulton (eds.), pp. 225–244 | Article
Interference is usually presented in descriptive research as a neutral property of translations, but in translation practice and, by extension, in translator training it is often regarded as something negative. If we assume that trainee translators are more prone to interference than professional… read more
This study explores marked collocation in translated text in the COVALT corpus and relates the facts and patterns observed to properties of translation. Data have been drawn from a comparable and parallel corpus: English source texts, their corresponding Catalan translations, and texts originally… read more
The present study aims to analyse wordplay translation on the basis of the three aspects mentioned in the title—wordplay typology, translation techniques and relevant factors. The theoretical framework is eclectic but draws particularly on Delabastita (1996, 1997) and Lladó (2002). Empirical… read more
Marco, Josep and Heike van Lawick 2009 Using corpora and retrieval software as a source of materials for the translation classroomCorpus Use and Translating: Corpus use for learning to translate and learning corpus use to translate, Beeby, Allison, Patricia Rodríguez-Inés and Pilar Sánchez-Gijón (eds.), pp. 9–28 | Article
This article starts from a twofold distinction: that between corpora as documentation tools and corpora as a source of materials for the translation classroom, and that between corpus-based and corpus-driven approaches. Then a pedagogic framework for translator training is outlined in which the… read more
This article focuses on three kinds of problems besetting the terminology of translation. Firstly, the weak epistemological status of Translation Studies as a discipline does not favour consensus among specialists. Secondly, conceptual difficulties arise from the fact that the relationship between… read more
Marco, Josep and Josep R. Guzman Pitarch 2007 A Corpus-Based Analysis of Lexical Items Conveying Body Language in the COVALT CorpusThe Study of Language and Translation, Vandeweghe, Willy, Sonia Vandepitte and Marc Van de Velde (eds.), pp. 155–170 | Article
García-Izquierdo, Isabel and Josep Marco 2000 The Degree of Grammatical Complexity in Literary Texts as a Translation ProblemInvestigating Translation: Selected papers from the 4th International Congress on Translation, Barcelona, 1998, Beeby, Allison, Doris Ensinger and Marisa Presas (eds.), pp. 65–74 | Chapter