Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus

List of John Benjamins publications for which Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus plays a role.


Alexander-Bakkerus, Astrid 2014 Nominalization in CholónWord Formation in South American Languages, Danielsen, Swintha, Katja Hannss and Fernando Zúñiga (eds.), pp. 207–224 | Article
In Amerindian languages and in many other agglutinative languages, subordination is often a matter of nominalization. In Cholón, a language spoken in North-Peru, this is certainly the case: nominalized forms coincide with subordinate clauses. In this language, a nominalized verb form can also be… read more
Alexander-Bakkerus, Astrid 2011 Subordination in CholónSubordination in Native South American Languages, Gijn, Rik van, Katharina Haude and Pieter Muysken (eds.), pp. 193–220 | Article
In Cholón, an indigenous language from northern Peru, subordinate clauses are formed by means of nominalizers or subordinators. Most of these markers attach to reduced verb forms, but some nominalizers are attached to a fully inflected form. Nominalizers can be followed by a case marker or by a… read more
Alexander-Bakkerus, Astrid 2009 The Vocabulary of the Lengua de Maynas, MS. Egerton 2881 of the British LibraryMissionary Linguistics IV / Lingüística misionera IV: Lexicography, Zwartjes, Otto, Ramón Arzápalo Marín and Thomas C. Smith-Stark (eds.), pp. 211–231 | Article
El manuscrito Egerton 2881 de la British Library (Londres) data del comienzo del siglo XIX. El autor del manuscrito es anónimo. En los folios 7 y 40 recto se encuentran las siguientes observaciones: folio 7 r. : “Es del vso del V.P. Fr. Eusebio Arias”; folio 40 r. : “Pertenesco al P. Fr. Eusebio… read more
Alexander-Bakkerus, Astrid 2005 Cholón Sounds Reconstructed: A symbol analysisMissionary Linguistics II / Lingüística misionera II: Orthography and Phonology, Zwartjes, Otto and Cristina Altman (eds.), pp. 181 ff. | Article