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On mood and speech function and the ‘why’ of text analysis: In honour of Margaret Berry

Edited by Lise Fontaine, Miriam Taverniers and Kristin Davidse

Special issue of Functions of Language 26:1 (2019) vi, 135 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Functional linguistics | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


Chrispin, Lucy and Lise Fontaine 2023 Chapter 8. A cognitive-functional approach to watch as a verb of perceptionReconnecting Form and Meaning: In honour of Kristin Davidse, Gentens, Caroline, Lobke Ghesquière, William B. McGregor and An Van linden (eds.), pp. 209–236 | Chapter
This chapter investigates the semantic and lexico-grammatical profile of watch as an atypical verb of visual perception. Although watch is classified as a behavioural process within Systemic Functional Linguistics (Halliday 1994; Davidse 2017), it displays features which make it difficult to… read more
Fontaine, Lise and Lowri Williams 2021 A preliminary description of mood in WelshLanguage, Context and Text 3:2, pp. 200–226 | Article
In this paper we propose a functional account of the Welsh mood system, focussing on responsives in particular. The discourse functions of responsives are interpreted through the concept of negotiation within the systemic functional linguistic framework, which offers a rich model for accounting… read more
Davidse, Kristin, Lise Fontaine and Miriam Taverniers 2019 IntroductionOn mood and speech function and the ‘why’ of text analysis: In honour of Margaret Berry, Fontaine, Lise, Miriam Taverniers and Kristin Davidse (eds.), pp. 5–12 | Introduction