Ulrike Schröder

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Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics

Edited by Ulrike Schröder, Milene Mendes de Oliveira and Hans-Georg Wolf

Special issue of International Journal of Language and Culture 7:1 (2020) v, 145 pp.
Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | Applied linguistics | Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Pragmatics


Schröder, Ulrike 2020 Talking about intercultural experiences: The cognitive ‘leap’ into another universeIntercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics, Schröder, Ulrike, Milene Mendes de Oliveira and Hans-Georg Wolf (eds.), pp. 15–37 | Article
The aim of this paper is to ask how exchange students retrospectively co-construct their first ‘culture shock’ experiences on a verbal, vocal, and visual plane. The results show that the different co-occurring levels of communication in the talk of the students offer various insights into… read more
Schröder, Ulrike, Milene Mendes de Oliveira and Hans-Georg Wolf 2020 Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics: Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural LinguisticsIntercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics, Schröder, Ulrike, Milene Mendes de Oliveira and Hans-Georg Wolf (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Introduction
Is it possible to bridge the gap between the predominantly functionalist approaches to culture in pragmatic research, on the one hand, and cognitively based Cultural Linguistics, whose fundamental aim is to look at the conceptual underneath observable and situationally bound discourse, on the… read more
In recent work, Arundale proposed a Face Constituting Theory based on the Conjoint Co-Constituting Model of Communication. His main concern is directed towards a shift from the individualistic conception of face and (im)politeness to a non-summative view on communication based on fundamental… read more
Within the social sciences and humanities, especially in the field of cultural studies, research has increasingly been dealing with the dissolution of cultural and social boundaries. However, the question of how interactants perceive themselves and construct and describe their interaction space in… read more
This article examines two corpora composed of four discourse genres — oral interviews, written interviews, newspaper articles, and non-fiction books — to explore the ways in which ‘society’ is discussed metaphorically in current German and Brazilian discourse. It discusses culture-specific ‘mixed… read more