Erling Strudsholm

List of John Benjamins publications for which Erling Strudsholm plays a role.



Andersen, Anders and Erling Strudsholm 2023 Il congiuntivo alla danese: A homage to Jørgen Schmitt JensenRevue Romane 58:1, pp. 65–87 | Article
This article assesses the theory of ‘the subjunctive as a subordination marker’ proposed by Schmitt Jensen (1970a) in light of recent advances in the study of complementation. It argues that the theory is consistent with the functional framework of Givón (2001) where event integration is said to… read more
Kragh, Kirsten Jeppesen and Erling Strudsholm 2013 The relevance of deixis in the description of the predicative relative clauseDeixis and Pronouns in Romance Languages, Kragh, Kirsten Jeppesen and Jan Lindschouw (eds.), pp. 207–226 | Article
In previous studies we have argued for the relevance of the deictic approach to the description of the particular kind of relative clause in Romance languages used especially after verbs of perception (French: Je le vois qui arrive, Italian: Lo vedo che arriva). In this study we focus on the… read more
Schøsler, Lene and Erling Strudsholm 2013 Preservation, modification, and innovation. Paradigmatic reorganisation of the system of personal pronouns – from Latin into Modern ItalianDeixis and Pronouns in Romance Languages, Kragh, Kirsten Jeppesen and Jan Lindschouw (eds.), pp. 49–68 | Article
The paradigmatic organisation of the personal pronouns from Latin to modern Romance languages is characterised by tendencies of both preservation and of innovation. The basic referential system, including the oppositions between person, number, gender, and case is reshaped, but generally preserved.… read more