Alexander Andrason

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alexander Andrason plays a role.


The present article is dedicated to conative animal calls (CACs) in a Kalahari Khoe language, Tjwao. By using a prototype approach to categorization, the authors test the Tjwao CACs for their compliance with the prototype of CACs posited recently in scholarly literature. The authors conclude… read more
Andrason, Alexander and Bernd Heine 2023 Chapter 9. On the grammaticalization of ideophonesDifferent Slants on Grammaticalization, Hancil, Sylvie and Vittorio Tantucci (eds.), pp. 237–262 | Chapter
Ideophones, like English bang or thud, are interactive expressions used as vivid depictions of sensory imagery of states, events, objects, or qualities (cf. Dingemanse 2011, 2012, 2018; Dingemanse & Akita 2017; Andrason 2020, 2021). They are claimed to represent a universal class of linguistic… read more
The present paper examines a hypothetical correlation between language endangerment and the simplification of nominal and verbal inflections. After contrasting the complexities exhibited by two endangered languages (Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl and Wymysorys) with the complexities of their… read more
Andrason, Alexander and Juan-Pablo Vita 2017 The YQTL-Ø “Preterite” in Ugaritic epic poetryArchív Orientální 85:3, pp. 345–387 | Article
The present paper studies issues related to the existence (or the absence) of the YQTL-Ø “preterite” form in Ugaritic epic poetry, and determines which of the two well-entrenched positions found currently in scholarship – i.e., the pro YQTL-Ø and the contra YQTL-Ø model – is more plausible. By… read more