Hans-Heinrich Lieb

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Subjects Theoretical linguistics | Typology

Prospects for a New Structuralism

Edited by Hans-Heinrich Lieb

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 96] 1992. vii, 275 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Lieb, Hans-Heinrich 2021 Chapter 5. Theories of language, language comparison, and grammatical description: Correcting HaspelmathLinguistic Categories, Language Description and Linguistic Typology, Alfieri, Luca, Giorgio Francesco Arcodia and Paolo Ramat (eds.), pp. 137–210 | Chapter
This essay is a study of Haspelmath’s conception of ‘comparative concepts’ vs. ‘descriptive categories’ from a new angle: a study concentrating on questions of logical form and formal explicitness rather than on linguistic adequacy; it is suggested that the inconclusiveness of previous discussion… read more
Lieb, Hans-Heinrich 2018 Chapter 5. Describing linguistic objects in a realist wayEssays on Linguistic Realism, Behme, Christina and Martin Neef (eds.), pp. 79–138 | Chapter
The essay is divided into four Parts A to D: Part A (Sections 1 to 3), Topic and background; B. Grammatical description (Sections 4 to 6); C. Grammars and theories of language: motivating axiomatization (Sections 7 to 9); and D. Grammars as axiomatic theories (Sections 10 and 11). The essay… read more
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