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List of John Benjamins publications for which Elena Lieven plays a role.

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Vihman, Virve-Anneli, Anna L. Theakston and Elena Lieven 2020 Chapter 1. Acquisition of symmetrical and asymmetrical Differential Object Marking in EstonianThe Acquisition of Differential Object Marking, Mardale, Alexandru and Silvina Montrul (eds.), pp. 21–49
We compared the acquisition of symmetrical and asymmetrical Differential Object Marking (DOM) within Estonian, which employs symmetrical DOM (alternation between overtly case-marked objects) with asymmetrical subsystems (alternation between marked and unmarked objects) for imperatives, impersonal… read more | Chapter
Ambridge, Ben, Micah B. Goldwater and Elena Lieven 2018 Chapter 8. Analogical structure mapping and the formation of abstract constructions: A novel construction learning studySemantics in Language Acquisition, Syrett, Kristen and Sudha Arunachalam (eds.), pp. 178–196
This chapter reports an experimental study in which children aged 4;9–6;1 were taught two novel constructions with meanings of enabling/helping and preventing/stopping with OSV and VOS word order. The aim was to test Tomasello’s (2003) proposal that children form abstract constructions by… read more | Chapter
Language development in bilingual children is often related to differing levels of proficiency. Objective measurements of bilingual development include for example mean length of utterance (MLU). MLU is almost always calculated for each language context (including both monolingual and code-mixed… read more | Article
Quick, Antje Endesfelder, Elena Lieven, Malinda Carpenter and Michael Tomasello 2018 Identifying partially schematic units in the code-mixing of an English and German speaking childLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 8:4, pp. 477–501
Intra-sentential code-mixing presents a number of puzzles for theories of bilingualism. In this paper, we examine the code-mixed English-German utterances of a young English-German-Spanish trilingual child between 1;10 – 3;1, using both an extensive diary kept by the mother and audio recordings. We… read more | Article
Köymen, Bahar and Elena Lieven 2017 Chapter 6. Preschoolers’ use of questions in their joint decisions with peersSocial Environment and Cognition in Language Development: Studies in honor of Ayhan Aksu-Koç, Ketrez, F. Nihan, Aylin C. Küntay, Şeyda Özçalışkan and Aslı Özyürek (eds.), pp. 85–98
This paper investigates how preschoolers use questions to invite their peers’ input for their joint decisions. Three- and 5-year-old peer dyads were asked to build a zoo and jointly decide on where to place each item. Both age groups used wh-questions predominantly with inanimate subjects,… read more | Chapter
Little research has been conducted to date investigating Finnish children’s relative clause acquisition. We report a study on the emergence of these structures in one Finnish speaking child’s corpus between the ages of 1;7–3;6. The study focuses on (1) the effect of the input language, and (2) the… read more | Article
Lieven, Elena 2010 Chapter 5. Language development in a cross-linguistic contextLanguage Acquisition across Linguistic and Cognitive Systems, Kail, Michèle and Maya Hickmann † (eds.), pp. 91–108
Children’s language development has only been studied fro a very small fraction of the world’s languages. This chapter provides a brief introduction to existing cross-linguistic research on morphological and syntactic development in young children learning oral languages. The final section… read more | Article
Bannard, Colin and Elena Lieven 2009 Repetition and reuse in child language learningFormulaic Language: Volume 2. Acquisition, loss, psychological reality, and functional explanations, Corrigan, Roberta, Edith A. Moravcsik, Hamid Ouali and Kathleen Wheatley (eds.), pp. 297 ff.
Lieven, Elena 2002 Afterword: A view from research on spoken language developmentDirections in Sign Language Acquisition, Morgan, Gary and Bencie Woll (eds.), pp. 277–290