Holger Hopp

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With a focus on grammatical processing, the chapter surveys recent studies that investigate how second language (L2) learners learn to predict and whether they use prediction for learning the L2 grammar. This chapter first reviews theoretical approaches to the roles of prediction and prediction… read more | Chapter
We investigate whether non-target wh-questions in heritage Low German and L2 English speakers are due primarily to cross-linguistic transfer or the reduction of grammatical complexity in developing grammars as modelled by the Derivational Complexity Hypothesis (DCH, Jakubowicz 2005). Previous… read more | Article
Hopp, Holger, Teresa Kieseier, Markus Vogelbacher and Dieter Thoma 2018 L1 effects in the early L3 acquisition of vocabulary and grammarForeign Language Education in Multilingual Classrooms, Bonnet, Andreas and Peter Siemund (eds.), pp. 305–330
This chapter explores cross-linguistic influences in the lexical and grammatical acquisition of L3 English among child L2 learners of German with a variety of L1 backgrounds. For lexical development, we find interrelations in vocabulary size between L1, L2 and English lexicons. For grammar, a… read more | Chapter
This study investigates under which conditions the L1 syntax is activated in L2 on-line sentence comprehension. We study whether cross-linguistic syntactic activation of the L1 word order is affected by lexical activation of the first language (L1) by virtue of cognate words. In two eye-tracking… read more | Article
In order to elucidate the structure of heritage grammars, this paper presents an analysis of word order variation in Moundridge Schweitzer German (MSG), a moribund heritage variety of German spoken in South Central Kansas. Based on elicited production data and an acceptability judgment task, we… read more | Article
Hopp, Holger 2011 Internal and External Factors in Child Second Language Acquisition, Hulk, Aafke and Theodoros Marinis (eds.), pp. 238–264
This paper studies the development of the German determiner phrase (DP) in 60 child second-language (L2) learners of German between the ages of 3;5 and 7;0. We consider case and gender marking as well as gender concord and test for effects of internal (age, age of onset) and external (length of… read more | Article
Hopp, Holger 2004 Syntactic and interface knowledge in advanced and near-native interlanguage grammarsEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 4 (2004), Foster-Cohen, Susan H., Michael Sharwood Smith, Antonella Sorace and Mitsuhiko Ota (eds.), pp. 67–94