Yanping Dong

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Weng, Yu, Binghan Zheng and Yanping Dong 2022 Time pressure in translation: Psychological and physiological measuresTarget 34:4, pp. 601–626
Translators may experience significant psychological and physiological responses to time pressure. This study examines such responses with the aim of identifying valid indicators of time pressure in written translation. Forty-five postgraduates participated in the study, translating three… read more | Article
Findings about interpreter advantages in cognitive flexibility have been discrepant. To examine whether task differences and interpreters’ L2 proficiency contributed to the discrepancy, we tested two groups of university students (interpreting trainees vs. control participants) with two color-shape… read more | Article
Students of interpreting training may go through drastic cognitive changes, but current empirical findings are disparate and isolated. To integrate these findings and to obtain a better understanding of interpreting training, the present article tries to reinterpret students of interpreting… read more | Article