Sonja Zeman

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Perspectives on Narrativity and Narrative Perspectivization

Edited by Natalia Igl and Sonja Zeman

[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 21] 2016. viii, 185 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Zeman, Sonja 2019 The emergence of viewpoints in multiple perspective constructionsIrregular perspective shifts and perspective persistence: Discourse-oriented and theoretical approaches, Gentens, Caroline, María Sol Sansiñena, Stef Spronck and An Van linden (eds.), pp. 226–249 | Article
This paper tackles the question of how multiple viewpoints emerge through the interplay of different viewpoint parameters within the (i) dynamics of discourse and (ii) their diachronic development. In particular, it will focus on ‘Future of Fate’ (FoF) (e.g. He was never to return.), i.e.… read more
Zeman, Sonja 2018 What is a Narration – and why does it matter?Linguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages, Hübl, Annika and Markus Steinbach (eds.), pp. 173–206 | Chapter
Despite the increasing interest in textual structure and the specific use of linguistic means in narratives, the concept of Narration has so far not been an issue of theoretical concern within linguistics but has rather been used than defined or problematized. In this respect, the chapter takes a… read more
This chapter holds that the basic principle of narrative discourse structure can be deduced from cognitive-linguistic principles of perspectivization, which are manifested on different levels of linguistic structure in a recursive manner. This is shown in an analysis of point of view in grammar, on… read more
Zeman, Sonja 2014 (C)Overt epistemic modality and its perspectival effects on the textual surfaceModes of Modality: Modality, typology, and universal grammar, Leiss, Elisabeth and Werner Abraham (eds.), pp. 457–484 | Article
With an eye on the universal status of modality, the paper focuses on covert and overt grammatical coding of epistemic modality and its perspectival effects on the textual surface. Based on a theoretical discussion concerning the core principle of root vs. epistemic modality, it is argued that the… read more
In the previous chapter, Vanek shows that cross-linguistic differences in organising temporal information can be traced back to different processes of time perspectivation. As space and time are considered to be conceptually intertwined, it seems natural in this respect to ask to what extent the… read more