Jeroen Vanderbiesen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jeroen Vanderbiesen plays a role.


Vanderbiesen, Jeroen 2018 Chapter 7. Reportive sollen in an exclusively functional view of evidentialityEvidence for Evidentiality, Foolen, Ad, Helen de Hoop and Gijs Mulder (eds.), pp. 173–198 | Chapter
First, this chapter discusses some problems with a ‘narrow’ view of evidentiality that imposes structural requirements, both in its analysis of evidentiality as a whole and in its analysis of the reportive vs. quotative distinction in particular. It argues instead for a ‘broad’, exclusively… read more
Breban, Tine, Jeroen Vanderbiesen, Kristin Davidse, Lieselotte Brems and Tanja Mortelmans 2012 Introduction: New reflections on the sources, outcomes, defining features and motivations of grammaticalizationGrammaticalization and Language Change: New reflections, Davidse, Kristin, Tine Breban, Lieselotte Brems and Tanja Mortelmans (eds.), pp. 1–36 | Article