Julie Bradshaw

List of John Benjamins publications for which Julie Bradshaw plays a role.


Musgrave, Simon and Julie Bradshaw 2014 Language and social inclusion: Unexplored aspects of intercultural communicationLinguistic Diversity and Social Inclusion in Australia, Piller, Ingrid (ed.), pp. 198–212 | Article
Social inclusion policy in Australia has largely ignored key issues of communication for linguistic minorities, across communities and with the mainstream community. In the (now disbanded) Social Inclusion Board’s reports (e.g., Social Inclusion Unit, 2009), the emphasis is on the economic aspects… read more
Bradshaw, Julie 1990 Teaching the meanings of wordsAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 13:1, pp. 1–24 | Article
This paper explores the practice of meaning elaboration in language teaching. From observations of eight English language tutors at work, it is observed that there are six dimensions which may be exploited in the process. The explanation may link an item to others within the linguistic system by… read more