Malcolm D. Ross

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This paper re-examines the Proto Austronesian (PAn) split-clitic construction, which has had a considerable influence on the reconstruction of Austronesian morphosyntactic history, suggests that it is a myth, and proposes alternative reconstructions, on the basis of data from Austronesian languages… read more
Koch, Harold, Robert Mailhammer, Robert Blust, Claire Bowern, Don Daniels, Alexandre François, Simon J. Greenhill, Brian D. Joseph, Lawrence A. Reid, Malcolm D. Ross and Paul J. Sidwell 2014 Research priorities in historical-comparative linguistics: A view from Asia, Australia and the PacificDiachronica 31:2, pp. 267–278 | Article
William Thurston (1982, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1994) analyzes the history of the languages of the northwest area of New Britain. This history has included much contact among the area’s languages, all of which are Oceanic Austronesian with the exception of the Papuan language Anêm. Thurston, however,… read more
Ross, Malcolm D. 1991 Refining Guy's Sociolinguistic Types of Language ChangeDiachronica 8:1, pp. 119–129 | Miscellaneous