Tine Breban

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Subjects Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

New Trends in Grammaticalization and Language Change

Edited by Sylvie Hancil, Tine Breban and José Vicente Lozano

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 202] 2018. vi, 433 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics

Grammaticalization and Language Change: New reflections

Edited by Kristin Davidse, Tine Breban, Lieselotte Brems and Tanja Mortelmans

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 130] 2012. viii, 342 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Kranich, Svenja and Tine Breban 2021 Lost in Change: IntroductionLost in Change: Causes and processes in the loss of grammatical elements and constructions, Kranich, Svenja and Tine Breban (eds.), pp. 1–18 | Introduction
Breban, Tine and Sylvie Hancil 2018 Introduction: Grammaticalization in the 2010s – A dialogue between the old and the newNew Trends in Grammaticalization and Language Change, Hancil, Sylvie, Tine Breban and José Vicente Lozano (eds.), pp. 1–20 | Chapter
In this paper we report on a historical corpus study of English multiple, an adjective which underwent a process of grammaticalization starting from lexical uses with the meaning ‘composite’, e.g. HR 3617 is a multiple star, to grammaticalized uses as individualizer, paraphrasable as ‘different’,… read more
Breban, Tine, Jeroen Vanderbiesen, Kristin Davidse, Lieselotte Brems and Tanja Mortelmans 2012 Introduction: New reflections on the sources, outcomes, defining features and motivations of grammaticalizationGrammaticalization and Language Change: New reflections, Davidse, Kristin, Tine Breban, Lieselotte Brems and Tanja Mortelmans (eds.), pp. 1–36 | Article
Breban, Tine 2004 The grammaticalization of adjectives of identity and difference in English and DutchFunctional Linguistics and Contrastive Description, Davidse, Kristin and Liesbet Heyvaert (eds.), pp. 165–199 | Article
This article deals with adjectives of general comparison in English and Dutch, more particularly, with the core adjectives expressing identity and difference in both languages. These are, for identity, English same and identical and Dutch zelfde and identiek, and, for difference, English other and… read more