Tal Linzen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tal Linzen plays a role.


Ariel, Mira, Elitzur Dattner, John W. Du Bois and Tal Linzen 2015 Pronominal datives: The royal road to argument statusStudies in Language 39:2, pp. 257–321 | Article
Based on a large corpus of dative constructions in Hebrew, we propose that dative-marked pronominals manifest a facilitated path from adjunct to argument. Since datives tend to be pronominal, adding them onto existing argument structures avoids a clash with the Preferred Argument Structure (PAS)… read more
Linzen, Tal, Alec Marantz and Liina Pylkkänen 2013 Syntactic context effects in visual word recognition: An MEG studyNeural Correlates of Lexical Processing, pp. 117–139 | Article
Words are typically encountered in the context of a sentence. Recent studies suggest that the contexts in which a word typically appears can affect the way it is recognized in isolation. We distinguish two types of context: collocational, involving specific lexical items, and syntactic, involving… read more