Dilin Liu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dilin Liu plays a role.



Because of the ubiquity and importance of collocations in language use/learning, how to effectively and efficiently identify collocations has been a topic of interest. Although some studies have evaluated many of the existing association measures (AMs) used in the automatic identification of… read more
The use of collocations plays an important role for the proficiency of ESL/EFL learners. Hence, educators and researchers have long tried to identify collocations typical of either academic or general English and the challenges involved in learning them. This paper proposes a comprehensive and… read more
This study investigated Chinese EFL learners’ use of circumstance, demand, and significant, three challenging words each being a member in a synonym set: circumstance in the case/circumstance/event/situation set, demand in the ask/demand/request/require set, and significant in the… read more
Using the 400+ million-word Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) as data and a behavioral profile analysis approach, this study examines the semantic and usage differences among actually, genuinely, really, and truly, four near-synonymous adverbs notorious for their complex functional and… read more
Using the Corpus of Contemporary American English as the source data and employing a corpus-based behavioral profile (BP) approach, this study examines the internal semantic structure of a set of five near-synonyms (chief, main, major, primary, and principal).1 By focusing on their distributional… read more
Liking adverbials (LAs) play a very important role in discourse cohesion. This study examines the frequency and usage patterns of English LAs (110 in total) across five registers (Spoken English, Academic Writing, Fiction, News Writing, and Other writings) in the BNC. While the data analyses offer… read more