Arthur M. Jacobs

List of John Benjamins publications for which Arthur M. Jacobs plays a role.



Jacobs, Arthur M. 2018 (Neuro-)Cognitive poetics and computational stylisticsEmpirical Studies of Literariness, Salgaro, Massimo and Paul Sopčák (eds.), pp. 165–208 | Article
This perspective paper discusses four general desiderata of current computational stylistics and (neuro-)cognitive poetics concerning the development of (a) appropriate databases/training corpora, (b) advanced qualitative-quantitative narrative analysis (Q2NA) and machine learning tools for… read more
Kaakinen, Johanna K., Orsolya Papp-Zipernovszky, Egon Werlen, Nuria Castells, Per Bergamin, Thierry Baccino and Arthur M. Jacobs 2018 Chapter 6. Emotional and motivational aspects of digital readingLearning to Read in a Digital World, Barzillai, Mirit, Jenny Thomson, Sascha Schroeder and Paul van den Broek (eds.), pp. 141–164 | Chapter
Emotions guide our actions and have a profound influence on how we approach, experience and later remember information. This chapter provides an overview of the role of emotions in reading and describes how emotional processes differ across digital and print texts. After introducing what emotions… read more
Jacobs, Arthur M. and Jana Lüdtke 2017 Chapter 4. Immersion into narrative and poetic worlds: A neurocognitive poetics perspectiveNarrative Absorption, Hakemulder, Frank, Moniek M. Kuijpers, Ed S. Tan, Katalin Bálint and Miruna M. Doicaru (eds.), pp. 69–96 | Chapter
A key assumption of the neurocognitive poetics model (NCPM; Jacobs, 2015a) of literary reading is the duality of immersive and aesthetic processes being conceived as rival forces driven by different text features and their implicit vs. explicit processing. With regard to the experiential phenomenon… read more
In this theoretical paper, we would like to pave the ground for future empirical studies in Neurocognitive Poetics by describing relevant properties of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets extracted via Quantitative Narrative Analysis. In the first two parts, we quantify aspects of the sonnets’ cognitive… read more
Jacobs, Arthur M. 2016 The scientific study of literary experience and neuro-behavioral responses to literature: Reply to commentariesTransdisciplinary Approaches to Literature and Empathy, Sopčák, Paul, Massimo Salgaro and J. Berenike Herrmann (eds.), pp. 164–174 | Article
Jacobs, Arthur M., Jana Lüdtke, Arash Aryani, Burkhard Meyer-Sickendieck and Markus Conrad 2016 Mood-empathic and aesthetic responses in poetry reception: A model-guided, multilevel, multimethod approachTransdisciplinary Approaches to Literature and Empathy, Sopčák, Paul, Massimo Salgaro and J. Berenike Herrmann (eds.), pp. 87–130 | Article
In the present study we investigate factors shaping poetry reception at multiple levels of analysis. We use both qualitative and quantitative means for describing structural aspects of poems, scales for assessing subjective dimensions, as well as behavioral and peripheral-physiological measures.… read more
In this state-of-the-art review, I start with an illustrative example of behavioral data collected during the reading of a love poem reflecting one of many aspects that form the object of the Scientific Study of Literature, i.e., literary experience. A further section discusses key ingredients of… read more
Elliott, Eeva A. and Arthur M. Jacobs 2014 Phonological and morphological faces: Disgust signs in German Sign LanguageSign Language & Linguistics 17:2, pp. 123–180 | Article
In this study, we verify the observation that signs for emotion related concepts are articulated with the congruent facial movements in German Sign Language using a corpus. We propose an account for the function of these facial movements in the language that also explains the function of mouthings… read more