Tom Bossuyt

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The present study is concerned with complex sentences known as concessive conditionals from a functional-typological perspective. It examines the coding strategies used in the protasis of the three subtypes of concessive conditionals – viz. scalar, alternative, and universal concessive… read more
Vander Haegen, Flor, Tom Bossuyt and Torsten Leuschner 2022 Emerging into your family of constructions: German [IRR was] ‘no matter what’Variation and Grammaticalization of Verbal Constructions, Czicza, Dániel and Gabriele Diewald (eds.), pp. 150–180 | Article
Starting from the term “family of constructions”, the present article investigates lexical and syntactic variation in a subtype of German concessive conditionals which is marked by was (‘what’) in combination with expressions of irrelevance like egal (‘no matter’). 12,894 examples from the DeReKo… read more
Bossuyt, Tom 2020 Song, Jae Jung. 2018. Linguistic typologyStudies in Language 44:3, pp. 722–728 | Review