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Korean imperatives are differentiated by speech levels or levels of honorification. Accordingly, most research on Korean imperatives examines them from the perspective of politeness and interpersonal relations. This study takes a different approach, focusing on two types of non-honorific… read more
Kuroshima, Satomi, Stephanie Hyeri Kim, Kaoru Hayano, Mary Shin Kim and Seung-Hee Lee 2021 Chapter 8. When OKAY is repeated: Closing the talk so far in Korean and Japanese conversationsOKAY across Languages: Toward a comparative approach to its use in talk-in-interaction, Betz, Emma, Arnulf Deppermann, Lorenza Mondada and Marja-Leena Sorjonen (eds.), pp. 236–265 | Chapter
This chapter explores the use of the repetition of OKAY in a third position and in a transitional phase between activities in Korean and Japanese conversations. We have identified that (1) the duplicated OKAY, by being placed either in the middle of the other speaker’s turn or after a gap, is… read more
Kim, Stephanie Hyeri and Mary Shin Kim 2020 Chapter 2. Requesting here-and-now actions with two imperative formats in Korean interactionMobilizing Others: Grammar and lexis within larger activities, Taleghani-Nikazm, Carmen, Emma Betz and Peter Golato (eds.), pp. 19–46 | Chapter
This chapter analyzes two Korean imperative formats, the -e/a imperative and the imperative formed with the auxiliary verb po‑ ‘see’ (referred to as the plain imperative and the pwa imperative, respectively), focusing on the requests of here-and-now actions. Pwa imperatives are selected when the… read more
Drawing on a corpus of telephone conversational data, this study examines a collection of self-deprecations in Korean conversations. Detailed analyses of self-deprecations in larger fragments than minimal adjacency pair sequences illustrate the multifaceted nature of self-deprecation.… read more