Charlotte Maekelberghe

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Explorations in English Historical Syntax

Edited by Hubert Cuyckens, Hendrik De Smet, Liesbet Heyvaert and Charlotte Maekelberghe

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 198] 2018. viii, 312 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Syntax


The present study addresses a topic on the crossroads between contrastive linguistics and translation studies as we seek to investigate how the English verbal gerund is used in translated and non-translated English, as well as how it is translated into German and Dutch. Instead of merely… read more
Maekelberghe, Charlotte 2022 From noun to verb: Modeling variation in the English gerund systemEnglish Noun Phrases from a Functional-Cognitive Perspective: Current issues, Sommerer, Lotte and Evelien Keizer (eds.), pp. 135–168 | Chapter
This chapter reassesses the paradigmatic relations between present-day English nominal and verbal gerunds by examining their variation potential at an abstract-schematic level as well as at token-level. Results show that functional overlap is mainly instigated by verbal gerunds taking up more… read more
Fonteyn, Lauren and Charlotte Maekelberghe 2018 Competing motivations in the diachronic nominalization of English gerundsDiachronica 35:4, pp. 487–524 | Article
The present study is an in-depth, corpus-based analysis of the rise and institutionalization of the indefinite nominal gerund in Late Modern English, considering the observed developments in light of their interactions with functionally related constructions. Based on historical data taken from… read more