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Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Focus and Background in Romance Languages

Edited by Andreas Dufter and Daniel Jacob

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 112] 2009. vii, 362 pp.
Subjects Romance linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This article provides a comprehensive survey on current research on information structure so as to clarify some ‘paradoxical’ effects stemming from the tension between data and theory. Paradoxes are here defined as unexpected data in light of certain assumptions held in mainstream literature. More… read more
Standard theories of focus expressed by cleft structures, for instance (Beaver & Clark 2008; Krifka 2007), assume that the motivation for the use of focus is discourse relevance: focus establishes an answer to the question under discussion (Roberts 2004: 216). This account, however, lacks a theory… read more
Unlike in Germanic languages, in the Romance family the prosodic realization of polarity focus is strongly restricted. Instead, we observe a wealth of formal means that involve other language domains, such as the lexicon and non-canonical syntax. In this article, we provide a fine-grained analysis… read more
Dufter, Andreas and Daniel Jacob 2009 IntroductionFocus and Background in Romance Languages, Dufter, Andreas and Daniel Jacob (eds.), pp. 1–18 | Article
Dufter, Andreas and Daniel Jacob 2009 PrefaceFocus and Background in Romance Languages, Dufter, Andreas and Daniel Jacob (eds.), p.  | Miscellaneous