Gábor Zemplén

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gábor Zemplén plays a role.

Book series


Zemplén, Gábor 2019 Chapter 6. Trajectories and challenges of translating traditional Chinese medicineControversies in the Contemporary World, Fabris, Adriano and Giovanni Scarafile (eds.), pp. 105–124 | Chapter
The paper focuses on technoscientific translation of Chinese materia medica and acupuncture therapy, and the discursive strategies of inclusion and exclusion that charactise the related boundary-work. Examples from books by Joseph Needham, Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst show that the prior attitude… read more
Zemplén, Gábor 2011 The argumentative use of methodology: Lessons from a controversy following Newton’s first optical paperControversies Within the Scientific Revolution, Dascal, Marcelo † and Victor D. Boantza (eds.), pp. 123–148 | Article
Gervain, Judit and Gábor Zemplén 2005 Focus raising: A paradigmatic example of the treatment of syntactic variationSyntax and Variation: Reconciling the Biological and the Social, Cornips, Leonie and Karen P. Corrigan (eds.), pp. 123–145 | Article